Play the Game Where You Live!

The Spies Live game is coming soon to a city near you soon. If you want to move your city up on the list and you are willing to promote the game, then contact us here. If you are ready to signup then call (844) 311-7635 Scavenger_Hunt_DVIDS107945.

The cost is only $27/person to play and you could win up to $500. In just a few hours you will find out if you have what it takes to be a spy. Complete your mission while trying to expose the double agent.

Sound easy? Try it when someone is trying to blow your cover.

Using the latest technology… a smartphone and MMS messaging, you hunt for clues and secret messages. Agents who survive to the end win cash or prizes. The size of the prize is based on the number of participating agents who play within the designated period of time.

2663310916_5dac6aca85_oOnce you signup you will receive clues and directions via SMS Text Messaging. The cost to participate is $27 per individual or $99 for a four person team.

What is Spies Live?

Spies Live is a Live Action Reality Game, played on the streets of your city. Think of it as LARP meets RPG meets Scavenger Hunt or Puzzle Hunt. If the hottest Role Play Game and the Washington Post Hunt had a baby you would get Spies Live.

How is it played?

Using your smartphone, you will progress through a series of missions. Along the way you will need to solve a problem to receive the next clue. You will use these clues to solve the final mission. All the while a double agent is trying to intercept you – so you only have so much time available before they expose you as a spy!

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