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$160,000 in Cash. What Should I Do With It?

$160,000 in Cash. What Should I Do With It?

$160,000 in Cash. What Should I Do With It?
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  1. sergio hernandez

    When do you get enjoy your money so you save and save until you die or save for medical bills when you get older

  2. Kevin B

    Figure out how much you want to help with college and throw the rest on the primary. You guys are everyday millionaires, you'll be fine.

  3. rolling acres farmstead

    A wise man once said after winning the lottery back prolly 15 years ago. Well they ain't making any more land

  4. bodybailout

    I agree, Pay off your house! She doesn't have a clue of how liberated she'd be once she pays off her house. I paid off my home and haven't a mortgage just isn't in my vocabulary. Once she pays it off she is going to save an enormous amount of interest. Plus it'll be so easy to save up that 160k because her largest debt will be a thing of the past.

  5. Queen. Kristal

    She could invest some of it also if they wanted to she could’s a blessing to have that type of money in these times

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