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Change Starts with YOU!

Change Starts with YOU!

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Broadcasting LIVE – November 18, 2020, from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions.

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  1. byankos

    57:56 I think when Dave is on the set next… HE should do an hour in the "passenger" seat…. SERIOUS!!! 🙂
    Sydney, Australia!!!! Woohh!!
    57:46 …."face for radio"… :-0

  2. Myron C

    I want to comment on a viewer about raising a special needs child (1:12:37). I just want to say that I have autism and was in special education at a young age and my parents were supported. I want to thank them for putting the extra mile for me to succeed.

  3. A

    John and Chris absolutely crushed this show. What a pairing!

    To Miller, go start something that gets your adrenaline going. Lots of ex soldiers train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I live. They like the structure and the adrenaline rush is real when someone is trying to choke you out. Best wishes

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